Twister-Girls® are the Latest Novelty in the World of Heather

Bring Colours to Your Life

Get inspired by the vivid colours and beauty of Twister-Girls®

Twister-Girls® offer a blaze of colours never been seen before. A completely new cultivation process makes it possible to twine differently coloured sprouts with each other to create a unique play of colours

Twister-Girls® do not only offer variety in colour but also variety in flowerpot size. To make sure that everybody gets one´s ideas into shape, they are offered in 13, 15 and 17cm diameter flowerpots.

Care Tips

Twister-Girls® are in full bloom from September until winter and they are frost-resistant. They like a sunny or half-shaded location and prefer a slightly sour soil that should have a constant degree of moistness.

If you want your Twister-Girls® to bloom again next year, it is recommended to crop the old sprouts and add organic or mineral compound fertiliser in spring.

Quality Product of GardenGirls®

Twister-Girls® are a product of Gardengirls® - a brand that is charaterized by outstanding quality and more then 40 years of experience in breeding. Only the strains with the best resilience, vibrancy and durability are selected to be appropriate for Twister-Girls®.

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